For us, optometry means: pure passion, joy and craftsmanship.

Managing Director / Dipl.-Ing. FH, Executive MBA, Optician

Philipp Reber

The boss and engineer. Always on the lookout for the latest innovations and optimisations. He doesn't accept that it won't work.
Managing Director / Optometrist

Evelyne Reber

No dioptre remains hidden from her. She has years of expert experience in conducting eye examinations and a lot of patience for young and old.

Nicole Kunz

She knows every pair of glasses in our range and is our quality controller. Woe betide to a supplier who delivers lenses with inclusions or scratches.

Jennifer Burch-Tobler

We only know Miss Smile to be in a good mood. You can trust her with your life or, in our case, beautiful glasses.

Valérie Nydegger

She completed her apprenticeship with us and passed with flying colours. She is currently studying biomedicine and works part-time with us.

Colin Grundisch

From the farthest Chalberhöni valley, he conquers optics and the world. He is as precise as a Swiss watch and is becoming a sales expert.
3rd year apprentice

Talitha Laubscher

Our youngest in the optician family. She loves fashion and beautiful glasses. She sells cool sunglasses with a lot of charm.